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Laura we cant be friends soz.

Gay men and lesbians.

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Greg Petersen (3)


Greg Petersen (3)


hi. do me a favour? watch this video, like, comment, reblog,…rape. its (1.03 min long)

a good friend of mine has made an advert for Biba (the fashion company) and he needs to win…for multiple reasons. don’t get me wrong its not just about winning…his advert is confusing to start with…i watched it and was not expecting the outcome at all. that’s when it clicked and when i hugged him like hell. so please. PLEASE…if you could be so kind as to just take a few minutes to just give it some TLC you may just love it too?? 

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So my thirteen year old brother always asks to use my video camera. And I never knew why. But today I opened iMovie for the first time in months and THIS IS WHAT I FOUND.